My projects

Magaghat is an online platform hosting tools based on mathematics, machine learning and software engineering for applications in Digital Humanities. Its flagship product, which is in very early beta version, is an image to text conversion software for extracting text written in classical Armenian (Grabar) from digital copies of ancient and medieval manuscripts. The platform also offers several tools for statistical analysis and data visualization, all currently operating on the data extracted from digitized of Armenian manuscripts. This is joint work with Ara Gasparyan.


SciLag is a free web-based platform for facilitating dynamic organisation, data analysis and visualization of mathematical problems at a research-level. It represents an online service for scientists for sharing their knowledge about the forefront of research and builds upon a tradition within the mathematical community of sharing open problems in research papers. This is joint with Andranik Aghajanyan, Lusine Karapetyan, and Henrik Shahgholian.

Some smaller projects with source code are available on my   Github profile of Hayk Aleksanyan   account.