photo of Hayk Aleksanyan

Hayk Aleksanyan

PhD in mathematics (The University of Edinburgh, 2015)

Welcome to this obscure corner of the Web where I hang my hat.

I am a mathematician turned into Machine Learning researcher/engineer. My research interests in mathematics concern Harmonic and Fourier analysis, elliptic PDEs, free boundary problems, lattice growth models, convex geometry, and approximation theory. My papers with short summaries are available in the Papers section.

I completed my PhD at School of Mathematics at The University of Edinburgh in June 2015 working on homogenization of Dirichlet problem for elliptic systems. I spend part of my 3 years at Edinburgh on research stays at Issac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Mittag-Leffler Institute.

From 2015-2017 I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Mathematics of Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) at Stockholm.

Some of my online presence is available at the links below

Google Scholar profile of Hayk Aleksanyan    ResearchGate profile of Hayk Aleksanyan    Github profile of Hayk Aleksanyan    profile for Hayk on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

On programming related expertise

I write programs in Python,, Julia, SQL, Visual Basic 6.0 and to a lesser extent in C++ and C#.
My favourite data structure is a Tree (all sorts of trees): its power over simplicity ratio is astonishing.

In the past I was a part of AleksLabs, creating software for business automation. Word cloud made of keywords from research papers

This fancy cloud of words (a.k.a. wordle) is built from math-related keywords of my papers with a program I wrote. My code is available at this repository and follows the general path outlined here by the original creator of wordle Jonathan Feinberg. By the way, Trees play an important role here too.